About us

About us

Victory for Equality (V4E) is a Dutch-based non-profit organisation focused on a peaceful and equal future for people, who are affected and harmed by inequality between men and women and therefore seeks to transform former harmful gender relations.

“The future of humanity will be decided not by relations between nations,
but by relations between women and men.”  – D.H. Lawrence

Gender Reconciliation

When we speak of Gender Reconciliation, we expose a process that is not due to a certain time period, but to a process deeply rooted in society for over decades or even centuries of time in human history.
The Gender Reconciliation projects we implement are projects that work on the root causes rather than on the symptoms of gender inequality.
Today’s gender activism focuses mainly on protecting and empowering women. Gender Reconciliation goes beyond this crucial work.

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Victory for Equality seeks by Gender Reconciliation to transform gender and sexuality injustice and build compassionate relations between men and women through implementing Gender Reconciliation workshops- and training programmes. To guide them to a future where they can join and collaborate hand in hand. We are doing this by setting up reconciliation programmes for men and women in several countries. Our current programmes are based in South and Southern African communities.

Still in today’s world, millions of people suffer from suppression caused by unequal conditioning, leading to horrible situations such as lack of educational possibilities, sexual violence, human trafficking and poverty.
Women should not be frightened, nor should they be of less value than men. Men should not be their own victims by living according to the norms and values of their old cultural traditions.
We want to change this.

The bulk of gender activism today focuses either on protecting and empowering women, on transforming men and male socialization, or on promoting the rights and safety of gender and sexual minorities. The Gender Equity and Reconciliation process builds upon, yet goes beyond, the crucial work of these initiatives. It differs from other gender trainings in that it brings women and men (of all sexual orientations), and all identities, together for mutual healing and reconciliation.

Gender Reconciliation is a powerful methodology that offers women, men and those across the gender spectrum a safe forum to address and transform gender relations in their lives and communities.
Participants enter into an exploration of their own gender conditioning and challenge their assumptions about other genders through hearing their stories.

The Gender Reconciliation process applies the principles of truth-telling and reconciliation to gender injustice. Gender reconciliation recognizes the profound wound in humanity constellated around cultural conditioning relating to gender and sexuality.

Victory for Equality works with alle people, and sometimes specifically with young people and local peer educators.
We work with people, regardless of their religion, ethnicity and social background.
By addressing the root causes of patriarchy, programmes can also be considered as a practical means of helping to implement international and regional legislation against gender-based violence, violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and the promotion of women’s peace and security. Such legislation includes the Convention to Eliminate All forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) of 1979; the 1995 Beijing Platform of Action; United Nations Security Council Resolutions (UNSCRs) 1325 of 2000 and 1820 of 2008 (as well as the more recent UNSCRs on women, peace, and security); and the three UN Human Rights Council (HRC) resolutions of 2011, 2014, and 2016 against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.