Victory for Equality was founded in 2012.
The initial setup dates back to 2006, when Caroline Dusée, a Dutch anthropologist, had carried out several studies and project visits on inequality themes in different countries in Africa and South America.
The issues of oppression, inequity and injustice struck her. Convinced of the willingness of the local people and the possibilities for change, she decided to work on support. Coming from an anthropological background, she knew the request for change should come from the people in the communities themselves and not from an uninvited Western based approach.

The premise of the gender reconciliation work, is that it builds on the gender reconciliation process, initiated in South Africa, after apartheid. So the gender reconciliation work, applies the same principals of truth telling and reconciliation, to the gender divide within humanity

Many people in the communities, especially women by that time, seemed very willing and driven to change certain phenomena in their social environment.
And so the foundation was born. The foundation is dedicated to Victor Dusée, Caroline’s brother who died in a car accident in 1998.

Later on the name was changed into Victory for Equality, to better express the aim of the foundations work. The name of Victor still captured in the new title and the foundation is still devoted to him.

The first few years the foundation supported small scale projects in Peru and Ecuador. When Caroline Dusée started her Doctorate research in Tanzania on the topic of gender equality and reconciliation, the foundation started to specialize and grow. With the outcome and results of the research, a new strategy and methodology on decreasing gender inequality was developed together with the participating local youth. They started working together and a full organisation was born.

The word since spread and projects evoluated into new gender reconciliation programmes that now take place in different countries.