How we work

How we work

Strategy and Methodology

The working method of Victory for Equality is the result of long- term academic and field research. This method wholly includes the vision and insights of years of experience and of community members.

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Our methodology is based upon the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions principals of truth-telling and reconciliation.

We create a safe space for women and men separately and jointly. And we start a process that frequently leads to breakthroughs in mutual understanding, forgiveness and reconciliation.

We do this by bringing women and men together and offering them a platform, a safe space, whereby we practise truth telling and transformational exercises that engages both men and women in experiential, interactive exercises and dialogues to address issues rarely discussed aloud.

Through careful facilitation, Gender Equity and Reconciliation programmes provide a rare setting to jointly confront the historical and cross-cultural origins of gender oppression and exploitation, and to reach mutual healing and understanding. The workshops apply an experiential learning methodology facilitated in a group or community setting, providing a community-based approach to gender analysis which complements activist, political, spiritual and academic approaches.

  • Workshops provide the space for participants to reflect on their gender-related experiences, and to witness the telling of one another’s stories, as part of transforming patriarchy in broader society

  • Creates a safe forum for men and women to jointly confront dysfunctional gender and sexuality conditioning in society

  • Facilitates skilful acknowledgement, truth-telling, and deep listening in relation to participants’ personal histories

  • Fosters new levels of sensitivity and mutual awareness among women and men, between hetero and non-hetero conforming participants

  • Cultivates respectful and authentic dialogue between the sexes on sensitive gender issues, including skills for addressing conflicts

  • The Gender Equity and Reconciliation process aligns with transitional justice and truth and reconciliation principles, and applies these principles to gender and sexual injustice