Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


The mission of Victory for Equality is to create awareness about Gender Equality and Reconciliation both among all people in local communities strongly affected by gender differences as well as among people around the globe to raise more consciousness about this issue.

We do this by:

  • Implementing independent Gender Reconciliation programmes in communities where there is a request for support
  • To provide lectures, presentations and workshops where there is a request for knowledge and insights on this topic
  • Giving of practical guidance and financial support to local projects in the communities where damage has been caused by gender inequality
  • To support our projects by academic research
  • Cooperating with (local) organisations
  • Mobilising (financial) resources to realise the above

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Victory for Equality envisages a world in which every human being, male or female, can join and collaborate together and experience their life based upon equal beliefs, rights and freedom.
We strive to unite women and men by not only empowering women, but by empowering men and women together.

An estimated 88 percent of rape cases in South Africa are unreported, because of survivors’ shame, trauma, fear of not being believed and fear of secondary victimisation. –Medical Research Council South Africa.

Victory for Equality endeavours to affect change in limiting beliefs and mindsets about inequality in order for people to gain insights into an approach and life that they otherwise never might have considered. They learn about truth telling and reconciliation. About the values of people regardless of gender, and they discover their own capacity to make a difference in the world.

Vision Principles

  • Foster  a balance between masculine and feminine principles, both of which are essential to creating a more just and sustainable world.
  • Create  a power-paradigm shift, from “power over” to “power with” each other.
  • Inspiring, convening and training women and men to lead with their own authentic voice, values, and vision.
  • Advance an integrated approach to personal growth by developing both inner strength and skills for action in the world on gender equality en reconciliation.
  • Cultivate  informed awareness, historic memory, and global understanding of the context and experiences of women’s and girls’ lives.
  • Facilitate  skillfull alliances across age, race, class, gender, and nation.
  • Support  boys and girls to recognize and increase their strength; develop their leadership skills; validate their emotional intelligence and compassion.
  • Help  women and girls overcome family and cultural traditions that label power and ambition as unfeminine.
  • To transform hegemonic masculinities among men.
  • Early development of acceptance of gender based differences
  • Understanding of the challenges and successes that both genders face
  • Appreciation for another person’s assets regardless of gender
  • Knowledge of the importance of social integration of both genders in community development
  • Learning gender based positive practices and approaching gender related issues facing their communities
  • To foster new levels of sensitivity and mutual awareness amnong women and men
  • Through Capacity building to students in addressing gender based issues facing their communities