Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation

Victory for Equality strives to report transparently on our successes and failures. Therefore a good evaluation of the projects is needed.

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Victory for Equality is using a Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E) system.


All of Victory for Equality’s projects and those of our local partner organisations are monitored to determine which project activities lead to real changes in the beliefs, attitudes and lives of the community members. The people themselves play an active role in monitoring; they assess whether their skills have improved or if more work needs to be done.


All Victory for Equality projects start with a situation analysis. With support of the local team, the people, their communities and organisations, we analyse their situation and identify priorities for action. This provides us with a strategic focus for developing and implementing the right awareness projects.


Projects are evaluated internally by consulting the participants, the institutions, the communities and partner organisations involved. To remain transparency and validity, external evaluators such as universities assess the impact of a given project. The evaluations include the quality, the financial system, the relevance, the effectiveness, the efficiency and the sustainability of the project.