Our Vision

Victory for Equality envisages a world in which every human being, male or female, can join and collaborate together and experience their life based upon equal beliefs, rights and freedom.
We strive to unite women and men by not only empowering women, but by empowering men and women together.

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Our Vision
About Us

About Us

Victory for Equality (V4E) is a Dutch-based non-profit organisation focused on a peaceful and equal future for people.

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To keep on doing this,
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Victory for Equality works with hundreds of young people in multiple countries, who are suffering from gender inequality.
The consequences of this inequality are too big: girl trafficking, lack of education and sexual violence are just a few examples.
We think this discrimination and inequality should stop.
We implement well researched awareness programs in which we change damaging belief systems and bring boys and girls back together in harmony.


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